10 Mile Points Championship 2017

As the time trial season draws to a close, 2017 has produced two new winners for both the Evening 10 Points Trophy and Hare and Hound Trophy for the fastest Mids rider in the club 10s.

Having ridden 12 of the possible 13 events, junior Jack Young has amassed a total of 83 points to take this year’s Points Championship. In the final event on 25 August, Jack rode his best time of the series with 26.05.  In second spot was another of our juniors, Ben Pierce, with 65 points with last year’s winner Chris Marrs taking 3rd spot, only 3 points behind Ben on 62.

Although only being able to ride two of the events, Howard Lewis beat 21 minutes on both occasions and takes the Hare and Hounds Trophy with a blistering ride of 20.44 on 16th June. 28 club members took part in the series over the season, notching up a total of 87 rides although this would probably have been more had two events not had to be cancelled due to unseasonably bad weather.

Many thanks to the Oswestry Paragon Cycling Club for kindly allowing us to run our championships within their events.

Final Points 10 Mile Championship 2017

Jack Young83
Ben Pierce65
Chris Marrs62
Kieran Morris44
Tim Jones39
Alex Durnell39
Ryan Greaves36
Howard Lewis20
Dave Mellor17
Simon Evans17
Martin Pierce17
Megan Jones16
Andy Collins15
Jenny York11
Simon Harrison10
Phil Gardener10
Becky Lewis9
Bethy Jones9
Tim Tansley9
Lucy Hart9
Andrew Birch8
Tim Wall7
Rhiannon Tansley7
Daphne Jones7
Dave York6
Will Jones6
Laura Barton2
Andy Cameron1