Pictured are Brian Morris (left) and Andrew Clarke.

The following kindly provided by Andrew Clarke. Andrew is missing a few Club Cards and so this record is not totally complete but will be checked in good time. If you have any corrections or additions please let me know at


Male Time Trial Club Records

10 mile Men
1973John Aston22.09
1979Andrew Clarke21.51
1980Phil Guy21.44
1983Andrew Clarke21.44
1994Huw Roberts20.01
2012Tony Harvey19.54
2015Tony Harvey19.39
2017Howard Lewis18.52
15 mile Men
2018Dave Mellor44.18
2018Dave York41.35
2018Andrew Clarke36.28
2018Andrew Clarke34.39
2019Victor Chetta33.02
2020Ben Pierce31.09
25 mile Men
1953L J Blackhurst1.01.25
1954L J Blackhurst59.27
1955L J Blackhurst58.55
1959Brian Morris58.27
1970John Aston56.57
1971John Aston56.55
1978Andrew Clarke56.31
1980Phil Guy55.28
1981Phil Guy54.53
1982Andrew Clarke53.42
1992Dave Redding51.28
1999Adrian Silvester51.22
2017Howard Lewis50.38
2018Howard Lewis50.04
30 mile Men
1967Brian Miles1.11.35
1979Andrew Clarke1.11.06
1979Andrew Clarke1.10.51
1982Andrew Clarke1.10.05
1994Ned Millington1.05.26
2013Tony Harvey1.03.48
50 mile Men
1960Brian Morris1.58.57
1980Phil Guy1.56.48
1981Phil Guy1.52.40
1990Dave Redding1.46.22
100 mile Men
1967Brian Miles4.16.35
1980Phil Guy4.06.40
1981Phil Guy3.59.17
1988Dave Redding3.53.58
2016Victor Chetta3.47.47
2017Victor Chetta3.33.14
12hr Men
1966Cliff Ash247.69mls
1976Bob Witterick250.96mls
1980Phil Guy261.506mls
1981Phil Guy266.440mls
2016Victor Chetta282.66mls
24hr Men
1961Taff Brissenden455.66mls
1982Brian Morris476.100mls
2016Victor Chetta507.45mls
25 mile Junior
1976Andrew Clarke59.55
1976Andrew Clarke59.45
1977Andrew Clarke57.39
2000Nick Cooper54.30
2015George Evans51.47
10 mile Junior
1975Colin Wells22.38
1977Andrew Clarke22.25
1977Andrew Clarke21.55
2011Luke Grivell-Mellor20.06
2016Devon Round19.49
25 miles Youth
1984Steve York58.31
2015Devon Round57.36
2015Devon Round54.45
2015Devon Round53.33
10 miles Youth
1982Kevin Niblett22.32
2009Luke Grivell-Mellor21.11

Female Time Trial Club Records

10 mile Women
1981Joan Morris24.26
1983Joan Morris23.36
1984Melanie Grivell23.21
2015Hetty Niblett22.32
2017Becky Lewis22.26
2018Hetty Niblett21.58
15 mile Women
2018Jenny York42.35
2019Jenny York41.18
25 mile Women
1981Joan Morris1.01.52
1983Joan Morris1.00.02
1985Melanie Grivell59.00
2014Hetty Niblett58.41
2015Hetty Niblett55.06
2018Hetty Niblett54.34
30 mile Women
2012Jenny York1.16.50
2013Jenny York1.14.42
50 mile Women
1982Joan Morris2.04.55
1983Joan Morris2.03.28
2017Becky Lewis2.03.24
2017Becky Lewis1.58.01
100 mile Women
1982Joan Morris4.46.48
1983Joan Morris4.32.46
1985Melanie Grivell4.17.07
2017Becky Lewis4.12.45
12 Hours Women
2012Jenny York218.63mls
10 mile Youth Girls
2011Beth Coupland28.2
2013Ellie Russell27.36
2013Ellie Russell26.23
2013Hetty Niblett26.08
2018Lucy Hart25.47
10 mile Junior Girls
2014Hetty Niblett23.43
2015Hetty Niblett22.32
25 mile Junior Girls
2014Hetty Niblett58.41
2015Hetty Niblett55.06

Club Team Records

10 miles
1982A. Clarke, M Jones, M. D. Jones1.08.33
1995S. York, A. Silvester, K. Silvester1.03.33
15 miles
2018D. Mellor, D. York, Jenny York2.08.28
25 miles
1971J. Aston, C. Ash, I. Shaw2.54.50
1981P. Guy, C Ash, B. Morris2.48.10
1998A. Silvester, P.Guy, D. Michell2.45.43
2015G.Evans, K.Vickers, A.Hazell2.41.28
2015G.Evans, K.Vickers, T.Harvey2.38.54
30 miles
1979A. Clarke, C. Ash, A. James3.41.16
1998P.Guy, N. Farr, D. Michell3.31.27
50 miles
1971J. Aston, C. Parry, C. Ash6.11.38
1982B. Morris, C.Ash, Joan Morris5.55.11
1990D. Redding, P. Guy, C. Ash5.41.03
100 miles
1961J. Blackhurst, D. Williams, K. Hughes13.29.13
1981P.Guy, B. Morris, C Ash13.05.31
1994P.Guy, K. Silvester, S. Cornish12.49.38
2015V.Chetta, K.Vickers, S.Harrison12.31.36
2017V.Chetta, H.Lewis, Mrs B. Lewis12.05.21
12 hours
1963B. Hazeldine, H. Brissenden, S. France732.84mls
1980P. Guy, N. Farr, S. France741.205mls
1981P. Guy, B. Morris, D. Spraggett763.65mls
24 hours
1962H. Brissenden, K. Hughes, N. Kellet1,326.39mls
Women 10 Miles
2015H. Nibblett, J. York, S. Mawhinney1.17.35
Women 25 miles
2015H. Niblett, J. York, S. Mawhinney3.30.00
Women 50 miles
2017B. Lewis, J. York, J. Suddaby6.53.30
Women 12 hours
2012J York, S. Mawhinney, H. Waugh605.74mls
Note; No Women's team records on file for 30 miles, 100 miles or 24 hours.

National Records established by Club Members

2019CTT 100mile Time Trial Mixed Tandem3.32.02B.Lewis & H.Lewis
2018CTT 30mile Time Trial Mixed Tandem58.51B.Lewis & H.Lewis
2018CTT 12 hour Time Trial Mixed Tandem285.95B.Lewis & H.Lewis
2017CTT 50mile Time Trial Mixed Tandem1.40.03B.Lewis & H.Lewis
2017CTT 25mile Time Trial Mixed Tandem47.46B.Lewis & H.Lewis
2017CTT 10mile Time Trial Mixed Tandem 17.51B. Lewis & H.Lewis
1994Northern Road Records Association Birkenhead-Ludlow-Birkenhead7.24.30N.Farr & S.Cornish
1985CTT Women's 25mile Time Trial Tandem54.10J.Morris & M.Grivell
1984Women's Road Records Association 25 mile Tandem50.10J.Morris & M.Grivell
1984Welsh Road Records Association Junior 25mile Time Trial53.27S.York
1983Welsh Road Records Association Holyhead-Cardiff9.58.06B.Morris
1982Youth 500m Time Trial36.675secsK.Niblett
1982Youth 200m Flying Start 12.017secsK.Niblett
1981Welsh Road Records Association 25mile Tandem44.11B.Morris & P.Guy
1980Northern Road Records Association 100mile Tandem3.57.10B.Morris & C.Ash
1968Northern Road Records Association Birkenhead-Ludlow-Birkenhead Tandem7.26.33C.Ash & D.Pitchford
1966Northern Road Records Association Birkenhead-Ludlow-Birkenhead 7.53.21C.Ash
1956Road Records Association Liverpool - London Tandem8.04.00L.J.Blackhurst & A.Griffiths
1955Road Records Association 100mile Tandem3.33.49L.J.Blackhurst & A.Griffiths
1954Welsh and Road Records Association 50mile Tandem1.35.45L.J.Blackhurst & A.Griffiths

National Champions

196424hour Time Trial TeamK.Hughes, S.France, R.Page
1981Youth Track SprintK.Niblett
1981Youth 500m Time TrialK.Niblett
1982Youth Track SprintK.Niblett
1982Youth 500m Time TrialK.Niblett
198224hour Time Trial TeamB.Morris, C.Dean, D.Spraggett
1983Youth Track SprintK.Niblett
1983Youth 500m Time TrialK.Niblett
1983Youth 2km PursuitK.Niblett
1983Veterans Time Trial Association 24hour Time TrialD.Spraggett
1993Junior Female Mountain Bike DownhillK.Lockey
Veteran Female Mountain Bike Cross CountryC.Osbourne
1994Veteran Female Mountain Bike Cross CountryC.Osbourne
1995Veteran Female Mountain Bike Cross CountryC.Osbourne
1995Veteran Female Mountain Bike DownhillC.Osbourne
1998Junior Female Mountain Bike DownhillF.Griffiths
1999Junior Female Mountain Bike DownhillF.Griffiths
2000Junior Female Mountain Bike DownhillF.Griffiths
200024hour Fellowship Best All RounderN.Farr
2000Veteran Time Trial Association Best All Rounder on StandardN.Farr
2005Veteran Time Trial Association on Standard 25mileD.Milsom
2006Veteran Time Trial Association on Standard 25mileD.Milsom
2006Veteran Time Trial Association on Standard 10mileD.Milsom
2007Veteran Time Trial Association on Standard 25mileD.Milsom
2007Veteran Time Trial Association on Standard 10mileD.Milsom
2008Veteran Time Trial Association on Standard 25mileD.Milsom
2008Veteran Time Trial Association on Standard 10mileD.Milsom
2008Veteran Time Trial Association Age 80 10mile Time TrialD.Milsom
2008Veteran Time Trial Association Age 80 25mile Time TrialD.Milsom
2008Veteran Time Trial Association Age 80 50mile Time TrialD.Milsom
2009Veteran Time Trial Association on Standard 10mileD.Milsom
2009Veteran Time Trial Association Age 81 10mile Time TrialD.Milsom
2009Veteran Time Trial Association Age 81 25mile Time TrialD.Milsom
2009Veteran Time Trial Association Age 81 50mile Time TrialD.Milsom
2009Cycling Time Trials GHS 10mile TeamL.Grivell-Mellor, G.Rowlands, A.Webb
2014Cycling Time Trials GHS 10mile G.Evans
2014Cycling Time Trials GHS 10mile TeamG.Evans, D.Round, K.Morris
2015Cycling Time Trials Junior Female Best All RounderH.Niblett
2016Cycling Time Trials GHS 10mile - 12yr GirlsD.Jones
2016Cycling Time Trials Junior 25mile TeamJ.Holmes, K.Morris, E.Grivell-Mellor

Mixed Tandem Club Records

10 mile  
2017Becky and Howard Lewis17.51
25 mile
2017Becky and Howard Lewis47.46
30 mile
2018Becky and Howard Lewis58.51
50 mile
2017Becky and Howard Lewis1.40.03
100 mile
2019Becky and Howard Lewis3.32.02
12 hour
2018Becky and Howard Lewis285.95