Time Trial

Mid Shropshire Wheelers have in 2016, won the Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association Top Club Award for the second year running. The Mids have a great number of members who take part in Time Trials at both National and Local Level in various distances up to 100 miles and  long distance endurance events over 12 and 24 Hours.

2017 Club Evening 10 Mile Time Trial Competitions

Reluctantly, the Tuesday evening club 10 Mile Time Trials which have been held on the Westbury course over the summer months will not be run this year. This is due to a combination of reducing number riders, difficulty in obtaining regular help for marshalling and the amount of work involved organising and signing the events each week in accordance with risk assessment and insurance conditions.
The competitions for the Points Shield and The Hare and Hounds Trophy for the fastest Mids rider, will continue to be run. More and more Mids members ride the ride the Oswestry Paragon Club 10s held on Friday evenings on the Queen’s Head to Gobowen course and Oswestry Paragon have kindly allowed us to run our competitions within their events. The trophies will continue to be for MSW members, the agreement being that we may need to help with marshalling on some evenings when required.
  • The first Oswestry event is 5th May and the last event is 25th August. All May and August events are 7.00pm start the rest are 7.30 apart from the 23rd June which is the hilly 19 (but there will still be a normal 10 run within this event).
  • Could junior and youth riders please bring a completed parental consent form with them for their first ride. Entry fee for juniors is £2.
  • The Mids 2up 10 Mile TT which is part of the Coaching Revolutions 2-up series will still take place on the Westbury course on Tuesday 4 July.
  • Paramount CRT will continue to run their monthly 10 Mile TTs on Westbury commencing 16 May and running through to August. See link below for Paramount website and details.


2017 Shropshire Cycling Clubs Calendar

14.5.17Mid Shropshire WheelersD50/4F&H50
17.5.17Hafren CCD10/8rSB10
21.5.17WCTTCA & SCCAD30/12F&H30
24.5.17Nova RaidersK52/10cSB10
26.5.17Oswestry Paragon CCD10/5c2 up
31.5.17Nova RaidersK52/10cSB10
7.6.17Hafren CCD25/24rF&H25
14.6.17Nova RaidersK52/10c2 up
17.6.17Mid Shropshire WheelersD10/23rF&H10
23.6.17Oswestry Paragon CCD3/19SB19
26.6.17Paramount CRTD10/22F&H10
29.6.17Shropshire CCAD25/24rF&H25
4.7.17Mid Shropshire WheelersD1/112 up
8.7.17Ludlow CCR10/6BF&H10
9.7.17North Shropshire WheelersD25/20SB25
12.7.17Wrekinsport CCD3/9rev x2SB19
16.7.17SCCA & WCTTCAD100/1F&H100
18.7.17Ludlow CCR10/6B2 up
26.7.17Wrekinsport CCD3/9rev2 up
27.7.17Oswestry Paragon CCD10/8F&H10
8.8.17Ludlow CCD28/10SB10
9.8.17Hafren CCD10/8r2up
13.8.17Mid Shropshire WheelersD1/20 x2SB30
27.8.17North Shropshire WheelersD25/8EF&H25
29.8.17Mid Shropshire WheelersD0/17HC1.02
30.8.17Wrekinsport CCD0/14HC0.99
2.9.17Oswestry Paragon CCD0/15HC1.65
5.9.17Ludlow CCKH14HC1.95
6.9.17Hafren CCD0/22HC0.90
9.9.17Marches CCD0/23HC0.94
16.9.17Shropshire Cycling Clubs AssociationD10/23rSB10
23.9.17Nova Raiders CCK52/10cF&H10
30.9.17Shropshire Cycling Clubs AssociationD10/23rSB10
7.10.17Shropshire Cycling Clubs AssociationD10/23rSB10
8.10.17Nova RaidersKH23HC1.87
15.10.17Newport Shropshire CCD0/18HC0.75

Local Time Trial Events

  • Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association (SCCA). The web site is a little out of date but the Forum is updated in the season.
  • Friction Hydraulics Series is the main county championship of “Open” time trials. Open events require pre-entry.  Entries must reach the organiser at least 12 days before the event on a CTT Standard Entry Form.
  • SB Sports Injury Series is the SCCA inter club series. These are only open to SCCA affiliated club members. Sign on the line, on the day.
  • Coaching Revolutions 2-Up Series a Series of 10 mile 2 rider Team Time Trials during April – September.
  • SCCA Four Up Team Time Trial a one off race for 4 team members over a 50Km Circuit always in August.
  • Coaching Revolutions Hill Climb Series a series of Hill Climbs of various heights and distances running from the end August and to Mid October.

Various Local Club Evening Time Trials

Easy to “enter on the line”. Traditionally the entry point of many cyclists into club cycling, easy to enter and a great way to compete against yourself and other people. Competitors must be over 12 years of age and any under 18s need a parental consent form available to download here.

Tuesday:  Paramount Cycling Club – Westbury Shrewsbury.

Wednesday:  Hafren Cycling Club – Various Locations or  Wrekin Sport Cycling Club – The Bucks Head, Long Lane, Telford.

Friday:  Oswestry Paragon CC – Queens Head, Oswestry.