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Changes to Tuesday training - Autumn/Winter 2014

From 9 September there are two sessions at the Sundorne track on Tuesday evenings. The structure is as follows:

7pm to 8pm - 1 hour family session. Maximum speed 18mph.
8pm to 9pm - 1 hour structured session for Youth A&B and Seniors only.

From 4 October times will be 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and 7:30 to 8:30 p.m

Please note:
- Maximum of 50 riders for the first session, 40 riders for the second.
- Strictly first-come-first-served, no exceptions.
- Bring a marshal or help out yourself at least once.
- No admission to the track until you have signed on and the session is opened by a club coach.

The cost per session will be: Members 3, U18s 2, Non-Members 4, Non-Member U18 3.

If participating in both sessions: Members 5, U18s 3, Non-Members 6, Non-Member U18 4.

On Thursdays there will continue to be one session from 7pm to 8pm - 1 hour structured session for Youth A&B and Seniors only.

2014 Events

The following events have been added to the Event Calendar and the relevant page for each series:

Structured Training Plan

Dave Mellor's excellent training plans, that will give some structure to your riding through the winter and into the next season, are all linked from the Training page (there is also a link in the bar at the top of every page).

Weekly News Reports

The regular reports with news on members' activities are published in the General section of the MSW forum.

Helen has asked that all those participating in events to please let her know - more info here.

*** TORQ FITNESS PRODUCTS *** - very kind offer for members from MSW member Matt Hart:

Matt runs Torq Fitness who supply energy bars and drinks and other fitness related products. He is a regular rider of the evening 10s and is easily identified by the Torq fitness kit he rides in. Matt is offering 10% off all web prices. More details on the offer and how to order can be found here.

2014 Membership

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